Free Inspections, Documentation, & Planning

We are dedicated to our clients and offer full inspection, documentation, and project planning at no cost

Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser Architectural Glass consultation services offer a professional assessment to the current condition of your stained glass windows. We create documentation for insurance purposes while providing a detailed scope of work for preservation and repairs.

Over the years stained glass windows suffer damages as a result of age and environment. It is important that these works of art are inspected and documented every several years. Routine inspections can help you prevent damages or the catastrophic loss of your valuable stained glass windows.

Our on-site inspection program sends a professional stained glass consultant to your site to inspect and document the condition of your stained glass windows.

At the time of the inspection, photos and measurements are taken documenting the current condition of the windows. If there is a catastrophic loss this documentation can be helpful as a blueprint to reproduce the windows.

We provide you with documentation listing the current condition of the windows, the items needed for repair, and the costs for necessary repairs.

This detailed information can be helpful in the case of a disaster that damages or destroys the windows.The inspection will itemize each window individually along with a proposed scope of work, giving you the needed documentation for your insurance company.

Making Your Decision Easy

Deciding on the next steps can be a difficult and confusing decision for anyone. Based on the inspection, the Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser Architectural Glass team of consultants will design a detailed scope of work for your stained glass project.

Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser® will help educate your leadership on the pros and cons of each scope of work. Our team is trained to match the right solution to your unique needs. Because of our experience in craftsmanship, we promote a complete look at repair and restoration. Take the first step to protect your stained glass heritage and contact our studio today.

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