Klear-Flo® Protective Glazing System

Keep your stained glass windows in pristine condition

Without protecting your stained glass windows, it is nearly impossible to prevent damage from the elements, vandalism, or loss of heat and air conditioning. That is why you need to preserve them by properly installing a protective glazing system, such as Klear-Flo®.

The Klear-Flo® protective glazing system created by Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser® features a waterproof system that is properly vented and designed to protect and preserve your stained glass windows for the next generation.

Why Klear-Flo® is the best choice

Without a protective system, your stained glass windows will remain exposed to the elements which will cause deterioration. While most work to repair deterioration, the best work ahead to prevent or reduce it from happening in the future. At Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser®, we use two industry innovations to accomplish this.

In-Frame Ventilation

Our Klear-Flo® protective glazing system features a unique, fully-customizable in-frame ventilation system designed to optimize the venting needs of individual windows. Every window is different which means that it is important to know how to adjust venting to best fit each window. This customization optimizes protection by preventing damaging heat build-up and allowing condensation to dry out without damaging the window.

Industry-Leading Protective Sealants

Klear-Flo® is a protective fully weatherproofing vented system featuring our proprietary framing. Our superior framing design is a result of decades of experience crafting protective systems for stained glass windows. This framing is small to preserve the window’s aesthetic appeal, yet is exceptionally strong for support. The final product is then sealed with the industry’s highest quality sealants such as Silpruf®. We also offer a variety of glazing material options to best fit your individual needs.

Exceptional Craftsmanship & World-Class Protection

Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser Architectural Glass skilled craftsmen place an aesthetically pleasing, protective covering on-site. This sophisticated process involves the contouring of the aluminum framing to closely match the existing architectural millwork allowing the existing architecture to remain dominant. Our craftsman have mobile bending devices so the new framing can be fully customized on-site. Our ability to contour is just one more reason why Klear-Flo® is the highest quality and the best protective covering system available in the industry.

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Types of Protective Covering Used in Klear-Flo®

1/4″ Acrylic Very break resistant and non-yellowing Plastic, scratchable, shows deflection
1/4” Lexan XL10 Virtually unbreakable, guaranteed not to yellow for 10 years by manufacturer, lightweight Very scratchable, shows less deflection than 3/16″ Lexan, more expensive, will eventually yellow
1/4” Float Glass Washable, looks better than plastic (less deflection) Breakable, heavy, more expensive
1/4” Laminated Glass Washable, looks better than plastic (less deflection), safety feature: When broken, it stays together Very expensive, easily broken
1/4” Tempered Glass Washable, 4 times more break resistant than regular glass, less deflection than plastics, safety features More expensive, when broken falls into dice, harder to replace, must have custom piece made

Before and after protective covering


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